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July 31, 2020

A Note from Dr. Burdett

Eagle Nation,

We are eager to get the 2020-2021 school year underway! We have missed our kids and look forward to seeing them in person or virtually. Below is some information about an exciting event we are doing on this Monday and some general information regarding the school year. We will have more information in future Newsletters that will begin regular publication on Sunday, August 9th, at approximately 2:00 pm.

Porch Visits

On Monday, August 3, 2020, we will be delivering a welcome bag to all of our PHS students. The welcome bag has a letter from the PHS staff and it has the class t-shirt for the student. These "porch visits" will happen in the afternoon between 1pm - 4 pm. Our staff will ring the doorbell/knock on the door, put the welcome bag on the porch, and then step back from the front door for social distancing. We hope that you are there so that we can say "Hi." If we are unable to access your residence due to a security gate or any other reason, or if we we did not receive the Google Form with the student's t-shirt size, we will coordinate with your student to get the welcome bag at PHS for in-person students, or we will attempt to redeliver it for virtual eLearners.

The information below will also be included in the newsletter next week as well as any updates. I want to give this to you so that you have time to digest the amount of information that is included. As always, you can email, call, or text me with questions. In addition, you can contact your House to speak with your counselor or assistant principal. House information is included below.

Houses are Here!

We have created one-stop-shops for our kids and our parents when it comes to Administrators, Counselors, and attendance (check-in/check-out/absences). Rather than having to call/email/go to the administrative office, the counseling office, or the attendance office with any of your needs, students and parents will have an all-in-one House. Using the upstairs Administrative Office and the downstairs Counseling Office, we have created smaller communities (Houses) for our kids based off of their last name. Located upstairs in what used to be the Administrative Office, the Upper House will be for students with last names that fall within A-Ll. Located downstairs in what used to be the Counseling Office, the Lower House will be for students with the last names that fall within Lo-Z. Within each House, there are Administrator/Counseling pairs that will serve a specific section of the alphabet for the that House. In addition, there will be two Administrative Secretaries who will help to serve our kids and families. You can see the chart below for all of the contact information for your House. Once again, this will be a one-stop-shop for our kids and our parents and we know that this will make it easier to meet the needs of our families in a more efficient and personal manner. Maybe the most important thing that will happen is that these Houses will create smaller communities that will allow us to know more of our students and their unique needs. I am excited for the direction we are moving in order to better serve our kids and parents!

Big picture

General Information

  • Masks/face coverings are required (unless a student receives a medical waiver) by Governor Abbott’s Executive Order No. GA-29 and must be worn over the nose and mouth.. Face masks/facial coverings can include face shields and neck gaiters. Masks/face coverings will not contain words or images that are distracting to the education environment.We will provide a mask for any student who does not have one and we will document these instances. Repeated instances of not having a mask/face covering or refusal to wear a mask/face covering will result in disciplinary consequences.

  • We are not allowing visitors in the building unless you have an appointment.

  • We will allow you to drop off student work/project and/or lunch. You will need to call the front office when you get here, we will buzz you into the front foyer, and you can put the delivery onto the bookshelf in the foyer.

  • In order to maximize social distancing, students will walk to the right in the hallways and stairs during transition periods.

  • Students will be asked to use district provided hand sanitizer as they enter the classroom and they will be asked to help disinfect their desks at the end of each period. We will provide disinfectant and paper towels.

  • We will limit the number of students in bathrooms between periods. Students will be encouraged to use the bathroom during class.

  • In order to help students to become acclimated to the school and our social distancing protocols, we will have a tardy grace period for the first 2.5 weeks of school. We will begin issuing tardies on Monday, August 31st.

  • Students who are learning remotely through virtual eLearning are required to log into their classes during the assigned times according to our bell schedule. Attendance requirements for earning class credit and for truancy apply to students learning remotely through virtual eLearning and to students who are learning in-person.

    • eLearning students who come to PHS for an in-person class will be provided travel time to/from school. Please inform your in-person instructors and your virtual eLearning instructors of your travel time requirements.

  • Morning/afternoon tutorials and/or testing will be by appointment only through the teacher.

  • Due to restriction on large gatherings, we will not have pep rallies and possibly Homecoming Dance.

  • Please click here for our COVID-19 Instructional Plan and FAQs.

Morning/Arrival Information

  • Doors open at 7:30 am and all students will report to their 1st period classroom at 8:00 am. This will help with social distancing.

  • Students are able to purchase breakfast in the cafeteria, but will need to report to their 1st period class as soon as they finish their breakfast.

  • Water fountains are turned off and we are awaiting bottle refill stations. Please send water with your child.

  • Preliminary student schedules will be available in Skyward on August 7th. Students will be able to view their finalized schedule in Skyward before school on Wednesday, August 12th. In order to minimize the possibility of cross contamination, we will not hand out paper copies of students’ schedules.

  • On Wednesday, August 12th, students who do not have a schedule in Skyward will report to the cafeteria. Counselors and the Registrar will be available to assist in getting these students a schedule and/or complete the registration process.

  • For students who need more information to complete the registration process, we will call the parent/guardian to complete the registration process.


  • We will have 6 lunches and each lunch will have designated tables for seating.

  • Students are strongly encouraged to bring their own lunch or to pre-order their lunch using the SFE App. Lunches will be grab-and-go from the food service lines and we will limit choices and customization in order to minimize the number of students in the serving lines.

  • If a parent needs to deliver a lunch for their child, you will need to call the front office when you get here, we will buzz you into the front foyer, and you can put the delivery on the bookshelf in the foyer. Please notify your student that you dropped off their lunch because we do not notify the student.

Afternoon/Dismissal Information

  • At 3:59, all students will exit the building. Students who have a teacher-assigned tutorial/make up test will report directly to the room of the teacher.

  • Buses will be located in the front of the building and students are encouraged to load onto their bus as soon as possible.

  • Car riders will be picked up behind the cafeteria.

Nursing Clinic News

If your child will need medication administered during school hours please be advised you will need to drop off the medication prior to the first day of school. With our current COVID precautions, we are not allowed to have parents bring medications into the school building.

**Available drop off times are

  • Monday, August 10th 8am-12pm
  • Tuesday, August 11th 8am-12pm

Please remain in your car and contact our front office via phone at 469-219-2180 or the school nurse at 469-219-2180 ext.80140 when you arrive, and a school representative will retrieve the prescribed medication from your vehicle. Medication forms are required for each medication that will be dispensed.

See link for the Prosper ISD medication forms and emergency action plans, as well as policies and procedures for administered medication. Contact the campus nurse with any health concerns.

Together, We are Prosper!


Office: 469.219.2185

Cell: 469.573.1488

For Kids, John

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Calendar of Upcoming Events

August 12: First day of School

Campus Calendar

Please see the campus calendar for a complete list of student activities.

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When you submit a tip, it is sent to a 3rd party tip service acting as a privacy buffer between you and the Prosper ISD Police Department to preserve your identity and contact information. If you have a tip for the Prosper ISD Police Department please use any of the options on this page to provide important information on crimes or criminals that will help us to keep Prosper ISD safe for everyone.

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