Gathering Blue

By: Lois Lowry

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After Kira's mother died, she was left orphaned with nigh but a twisted, useless leg, a single friend, and and amazing talent. Taken in by the Council of Guardians for her almost magical ability with a thread and needle, she is tasked with repairing the Singers robe, a relic that had been around since as long as anyone can remember. While adjusting to her new role and life, Kira discovers things that change her character, life, and the world forever.

My Experience / Recommendation

We all read The Giver, and you can't really say that Gathering Blue is a sequel to it. Except for a few pages at the end, the plots really have nothing in common. I enjoyed reading Gathering Blue because you just get engrossed in the story, even though not a whole lot happens, its not a story for action lovers. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes a well developed plot, a strong main character, and just all around deep book in general.