The Canterbury Tales

The Prioress

Madame Eglentyne is head of a house of nuns. She lived around the Medieval era around 1000 B.C. In the prioress' tale the speaks about religion, especially Judaism. Woman during this time period had two paths: the life of marriage or the life of religion. She had a somewhat of a high social status being that she was the head of convent. Mr.Chaucer describes the nun as Fashionable and polite. During the time period, nuns only supposed to direct their love only to god. Her values were secular, she was an animal lover. She would cried if she saw one dead, even mice that got caught in a trap. She fed hound roasted flesh and wanted a pet, but this behavior is not fitted for a nun.The Prioress was elegantly dressed with coral beads attached to her pendant, such costly clothing were forbidden. He describes her appearance as grey eyes, small nose and red lips these were common stereotypes of a female of royalty. Concluding all this information she was meant for a life of courtly love.
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