Harmony & Grandparents Day

Resources for the K-6 classroom

Our Harmony Day and Grandparents Day celebrations are fast approaching. In this issue find links to resources to help with classroom displays and activities to share with our special visitors.

Grandparents Day / Harmony Day / Education Open Day

Tuesday, May 19th, 9:30am

Union Street

Merewether, NSW

Harmony Day Resources

Official Harmony Day website

This is the official Harmony Day website. Be sure to really browse through the links as there are plenty of resources here for teachers and students.

Harmony Day Resources

There is plenty of information as well as links and free resources for Harmony Day on this For Teachers For Students Australian website.
Be sure to check out all the pins on these Pinterest boards for class art, craft and writing activities.

Grandparents Day Resources

Official Grandparents' Day site

Seeing Grandparents' Day is not officially until later in the year the site has not been updated just yet. However, the resources available are still very relevant.

Grandparents Day activities

This site features a wonderful song to celebrate the love children have for their grandparents. Activity ideas are also included.


This site has an amazing list of Literacy, Art, Science and History activities perfect for Grandparents' Day. There are many downloadables as well as a list of suggested books.


Be sure to check out the hundreds of pins with ideas, games, activities, worksheets, art displays and other ideas contributed by teachers worldwide.

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