Hollywood, California

By; madeline Johnston

Hollywood facts

My dream vacation is Hollywood because Hollywood is where most of the movie stars, singers, and mostly famous people live. Ever since i was a little girl i have wanted to go to california. It is also a very beautiful place to be. Hollywood is located in california USA.

i want to visit california because ever since i was a little girl i wanted to take pictures of and by the hollywood sign. facts about hollywood. -The Hollywood sign is almost 90 years old. -The Hollywood sign wasnt created with the movies in mind. -The orgnal Hollywood sign didnt say "HOLLYWOOD". It said "HOLLYWOODLAND". The last four words wouldnt be dropped until 1942. -The orginal sign was bigger than the current sign. -4,000 light bulbs graced over the orginal "HOLLYWOODLAND" sign. -the person who designed the "hollywoodland" sign. -the sign had its own caretaker who was also incharge of changing the light bulbs when they go out. -the sign was only meant to last for 18 months. -The Hollywood sign was a suiside site, Peg Entwistle jumped for death off the letter "H". -the HOLLYWOOD and HOLLYWOODLAND sign were both very expensive.

my travel

Hollywood, California is about 22 hours and 18 mins away from Houston Tx. If i was to go to Hollywood i would probably go with my bestfriend britain rogers. Hollywood is about 1,553 miles away from Houston Tx. We would probably fly and then get a rental car whenever we reach our destination. We should only spend a week in California and come back.. but it would be an amazing 7 days!!


I will stay in the peninsula beverly hills hotel. The hotel will cost 4,200 dallors for a whole week. The hotel has a pool and i will also swim at the beach, so I need to pack summer clothes, like shorts, tank tops, bathing suits,sandles.


The total cost of everything will be 5,050 dollars in all. The lodging is 4,200 dollars for a whole week. The food is 60 dollars per day, which is for 3 meals a day. The flight was 420 dollars to get to Hollywood.


for fun we will go on bike rides, sight seeing, climb up to the hollywood sign, go swimming and ride around town,shopping and have fun t my hotel!!