What is a spam?

There is many definitions for spam, usually it would be an irrelevant message sent to a large number of people over the internet. This means a corporation could buy your email address and send you unwanted emails like good deals, or offers you can't refuse. This would be a spam because you didn't ask for it or sign up to get that email from a company.

Avoiding a spam

Their are easy ways to avoid getting a spam on your email. Make sure to protect your email address and not just give it around. Giving around your email to many business's makes it most likely for you to receive a spam message. Another way to avoid spams is by not replying to the spam message. Having multiple Email accounts just for businesses would also be a smart way because you wouldn't be on that email all the time making it easy for you to avoid answering the spam. Their is many ways to add a spam filter on your email so that you won't get certain messages. Avoiding "click here" buttons or bright colors. Spams come in many ways but knowing how to avoid them can make it easier to get you out of the list of people that keep getting a spam frequently.
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