Turners Syndram

by Leah hunter

Turners Syndrome is ?

Turner Syndrome is when a female does not have the usual pair of two x chromosomes

what turner syndrome symptoms and characteristics are ?

Turner syndrome may be diagnosed before birth during infancy or early childhood.

Is turners syndrome fatal or life threatening ?

Fatal because there is no reason why woman with turner should not lead a full and productive life.

Do people with turners syndrome have symptoms early on in life or later on ?

babies born with turner syndrome often have swollen hands and feet which is caused by an accumulation of excess fluid in the surrounding tissues .which becomes evident by about age 5

How does a person get turner syndrome and is it mutation or genetically inherited ?

they get turner syndrome by in growth and sexual development so turner syndrome is mutation

How many people are affected

occurs in about 2,500 newborn girls worldwide.

who discovered tuner syndrome

Dr. Henry turner who observed a set a set of common physical features in some of his paints

other useful or interesting information

turner syndrome make people have a lot of skin on there nanke

do you think genetics testing is useful and imortant science

yes ,genetic testing is a useful and important scenes .Beuse one of the identified gene called SHOX that is import for the bone's .But this does not happen in most girls who have turner syndrome has some treatment dut not many