Flush the toilet please!!!!

Come with a rush, please leave with a flush

It doesn't take that long. JUST DO IT!

Flushing the toilet. It is so easy and requires little effort. Apparently, people are too lazy to even flush their own poo. Imagine that you have to really go to the bathroom. You running across the hallway to get to the bathroom. You finally get to the bathroom and all of the stalls are filled except one. Relieved, you head to that stall and a horrifying smell of rotten eggs and perfume greets you. However you ignore the smell and gladly pull up the the seat to see a nice, big brown log floating in bright yellow pond the toilet. Disgusted but no other stall to go to , you hesitantly flush the toilet and precede on with your duty. Now you wasted 30 seconds of your time flushing someone's poo when someone else could have flush the poo themselves.

It is basic courtesy!

Remember when your parents always nagged you about flushing the toilet? Well it was for a good reason. It is courtesy to flush the toilet because you wouldn't want someone else to see your poo. When you don't flush the toilet, you not only make it harder for the people who use the toilet but the people who clean it. Janitors often have to clean the sinks, toilet, and floor after the building is vacant. When you don't flush the toilet, you make their job harder. Not flushing the toilet from laziness is selfish because you don't think about how it will affect other people