First grade happenings

Week of October 19th, 2015

Progress reports and Wednesday folders

Hello! On Wednesday we are sending out your child progress report. There has been a lot of information going out reminding you about standard based grading, and how it works, which is wonderful. We just wanted to take a minute to go through what you will be seeing on your child's report card, in terms of where they are at right now with the first grade standards.

Standards based grading can be hard because the numbers that are being given now are for the standards at the end of the year- so getting a 3 means that your child has already met or exceeded the standard that we will grade on in June. This also means that getting a 2 or a 1 at this point is perfectly normal and acceptable. It does mean that this may be an area to continue to work on with your child, but if all of the students were already at the end of the year standards there would not be much for us First grade teachers to do! If you would like tips or ideas on how you can work on any skills with your child, please email or meet with us in person and we are happy to help.

Lastly, as first year Holy Rosary/Juan Diego Academy teachers, we fully acknowledge we need to be more organized with the distribution and the return of the Wednesday Folders. We are starting a new system where we will make sure that all the folders are given out on Wednesday. These folders need to be returned by the NEXT day, which is Thursday. Students that do not return their folder by Thursday will not receive their laminated ticket that allows them to wear spirit gear for that week. We will try to make it a game and encourage students to be self-motivated to make sure their folders are returned! The laminated spirit tickets will be given out to both classes on Thursday, and they will be returned on Friday.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

Pumpkin patch fun!

We want to thank everyone who joined our first graders during their pumpkin patch experience! Everyone had a lot of fun today, it was wonderful to see smiley faces and hear laughter all day. Thank you all for making beautiful first grade memories!

Spirit Gear on Friday! Remember to send back the folders on Thursday.

Halloween carnival at school on Sunday, October 25th