October 17-21

Upcoming Dates

  • October 17-Elementary Team 2:45-3:30
  • October 18-Staff Meeting 3:00-4:00 (Technology-bring your computers)
  • October 19-Middle School Team 2:45-3:30
  • October 20-Extra Staff Meeting 3:00-4:00 (PBIS)
  • November 23-(The day before Thanksgiving) This will be a half day teacher workday. As a district, we are moving the half day of PD to April 14.
good teamwork and bad teamwork

Please Remember the following assignment-Teachers are requested to schedule Ashley before October 31st

Staff Meeting Agendas

Tuesday staff meeting: please bring iPad, cell phone, Mac Book. This will be a total tech meeting.

Thursday staff meeting: bring any notes from PBIS and Mac Books. Richard has some great ideas from his extended exposure to PBIS. Those who attended PBIS Tier 1 bring anything you took from the training.