Reconstruction Plan

By: Fox, Claire, Joshua, and Nicole

Secretary of Labor

  • We need to make both north and south dependent on each others economy (we can do this by sharecropping)

  • As you know southern farmers are sneaky so farmers must get their sharecrop report checked at an official office then sharecroppers will get their pay

  • This will solve the freedmen from getting ripped off

  • We must convince southern farmers that we are dependent on each other(this will reunite our agricultural relationship)
  • At right is a picture of sharecroppers(Sharecropping was a common way whites exploited blacks in the south)
  • Sharecropping will replace slavery

Secretary of Agriculture

  • My job is to work with the farmers and produce food throughout the country.
  • Mainly produce corn, wheat, and cotton.
  • Policy: farmers will get $3 a day for full time, and $1 a day for part time.
  • Reconstructing the farms: need mechanical plows, water, workers, and government funded money.
  • Sharecropping will replace slavery. (have office to make sure freedmen are getting paid the right amount)

Secretary of Defense

  • I will send many troops down to the south undercover as regular southerners and kill the KKK and make sure freedmen get the rights they deserve.

  • get rid of black codes/help the african americans and their rights

  • make sure freedmen are safe and get their rights by being there on voting day, being undercover on the streets to ensure all african americans are safe.

  • for the seceded unions we will make them change their laws in order to join the U.S.

  • We will deploy troops around sharecrop offices to keep blacks safe

  • We will send african american troops as undercover freedmen to report back to the north

Attorney General

  • We will establish the Refuges Bureau of Justice (R.B.J) for a relief effort.
  • Also a Freedmen Protection Agency (F.P.A)
  • A program called, The Last Chance Program (L.C.P), is to help farmers get on there feet.
  • The Transportation Bureau is to help move the product.
  • The Bureau of Anti Terrarium (B.A .T), is to combat the KKK.
  • The Bureau of Anti Rebellion (B.A.R), is to kill Confederate leaders.
  • The last one is, The Bureau of Right Protection (B.R.P).
  • This will cost about 12 million dollars with better profit next year.
  • 13th Amendment: abolish slavery
  • 14th Amendment: you are a citizen of the U.S. if you were born there
  • 15th Amendment: right to vote


Our plan is great because we can solve the issues of: Terrorist groups, Black rights, and Sharecropping. We will also reunite the North and South.