The cool explorers

The mean Australian explorers

here's some of the explorers

captain James cook

Matthew Flinders

John Forrest

Thomas Mitchell

George Bass

Bear Grylls

Edward John Eyre

Edmund Kennedy

Robert O'Hara Burk.

some fun things about exploring

Some of the fun things that you get to do when your exploring is when you see new people and new thing that you never see before and sometimes you can find lots of different things all the time when your exploring.

I like exploring new things so if you want to explore some new things do that but if you can't well then that's all right because you can make your own up.

What you need when your exploring

What you need when you go exploring:

a rope

a hat

a water bottle

some clothes

a camping place


fire wood

a map

a torch

a compass

a first aid

hiking boots

a backpack


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