SBS Weekly Update

January 9th, 2022

Principal's Notes

What a crazy return to school, this past week was challenging in many ways and a snow storm didn't help.

COVID Update: On Wednesday we had 55 students out of school and Thursday we had 56 students out. Although not all absences were COVID positive students, the majority were COVID related. We appreciate your patience and understanding as my staff and I deal with managing so many cases, emails and phone calls.

Regarding the new CDC guidelines - at this time we are maintaining our practices that were in place prior to the new guidelines. We will continue to maintain the 10 day quarantine time period until we see a decrease in active cases with in our school community.

Additionally, we will maintain our practice of only offering digital instruction if half a class is out. Students who are out with COVID or are effected by COVID protocols will continue to have access to google classroom for assignments. They can reach out to teachers via email for assistance and teachers will continue to be flexible while students make up work.

All my best,

Matthew Collins


Calendar Raffle Winners

Congratulations to our first set of winners!

1/1 - George Mitchell - $100

1/2 - Buyer - Rojas Family - $250, Seller - Rojas Family - $250

1/3 - Joel and Erika Nunez - $100

1/4 - Steve Barash - $100

1/5 - Karin Ennis - $100

Last Call for Intramural Basketball Sign-Up

The period for signing up has been extended to tomorrow, due to the snow day on Friday. See attached sign-up packet if interested.

Teacher Spotlight - Art - Mrs. Gibbons

In Mrs. Gibbon’s art classes, the students have been working on an art technique called color resist. This is a technique in which science meets art! The fact that wax and water don't mix can be used when painting to mask out areas to keep the white of the paper as well as to create interesting textures. First, the students use a crayon to sketch a few drawings on white paper. The theme for this color resist project is winter so students were inspired to sketch snowflakes, snow scenes, and snow figures. The next step is where the science happens! Students take watercolors and brush the paint over the sketches. Where the wax is, the water in the paint is repelled and so the paint either runs off it or collects in little drops on it and the scene magically appears! Students also got to add glitter and salt to create a crystal like effect of the snow. Color resist is a fun technique to explore. Are you ready to try color resist? What can you make at home with crayon resist art?

Mrs. Gibbons not only tries to connect to science but math, history, religion, and literature as well. This type of cross-curricular learning helps students to explore and make connections in the world. This approach to art makes it possible for the students to connect the academic content that they are learning in a creative way. Art not only helps students to develop academics but also social emotional learning as well. Research suggests that the more students have the opportunities to engage in art experiences, the more developmentally healthy and successful they will be!

~ Mrs. Rousseau, Instructional Coordinator

The Week Ahead 1/10 - 1/14

Monday, January 10th:
  • Please pray for our school families

Tuesday, January 11th:

  • Please pray for our students

Wednesday, January 12th:

  • Pre-K - PS Magic of Music Enrichment Program - Thank you PTO!
  • Intramural Basketball 5:30 - 6:30 - Spellman Center, Whitman

Thursday, January 13th:

  • School Mass - moved to next week

Friday, January 14th:

  • Early Release Day 11:10 dismissal
  • Free Dress Down Day

Looking Ahead 1/17 - 1/21

Monday, January 17th:
  • NO SCHOOL - Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Tuesday, January 18th:

  • MAP Testing Winter Session Begins

Wednesday, January 19th:

  • Intramural Basketball 5:30 - 6:30 - Spellman Center, Whitman

Thursday, January 20th:

  • School Mass 9 am - Grade 8 and K

Friday, January 21st:

  • Please pray for all Health Care Workers
  • Snacks for sale during lunch