UK: Architecture

By: Hanbit Kang, and Min Kim

Popular Culture

The houses in the UK are probably the smallest houses in Europe. Their houses are small because that is how the builders get more money. It is mostly made in stone or bricks like usual other houses do. The research graphically shows just how cramped and poorly planned much of their housing is today, but people just have to know that that it is how it is going to flow. There is diffusion because they want more space for other things which is a good side, but because of this, they have poor health conditions, holding back children, and even to the point of divorcing.

Folk Culture

These are kind of like the old times with gardens, animals, and a farm. It was plain house that was surrounded with wood with no specific parts of which is the kitchen and where the living room is. The roof the basically a cover of sticks or cloth from animals. Though, there is not that much of information for me to say a lot, but it does cover everything. The diffusion was done where there was farming and it wasn't develops as some other places.