My Smore Flyer

Natural Food Only Please

In America statistics for obesity, diabetes, cancer and  many other health problems has increased over the last thirty years.The reason why?Its in what we eat people!! Companys get farmers to inject animals with all different types of stariods to speed up production level.Our food is not really our food anymore:hence, we gain weight and other health problems.One issue that disturbed me was the Panga fish.Its really popular in France right now.The Vietnamese raise this fish.They feed it the bones of dead fish by grinding the bones up ,so it forms into a powder.The panga fish is then injected with pregnant women's urine.This speeds up the fishs ability to lays eggs and also increases the number of eggs layed.This panga fish can lay up to 500,000 eggs at one time.Panga is a huge fish,so big that two men can carry it.This is not natural.Our food should be  natural and healthy.This information shocked so many people;consequently,many individuals have and went vegan or have researched about what they put into their bodies.So say no to certain foods and be careful what you eat.This is a public service announcement.#dont eat panga#eww thats nasty#live long#health over wealth