Patrick Henry

Uneducated... Lawyer?

Patriot with Risky Behavior

Patrick Henry was a brassy, non-filtered patriot who discontented against many of the beneficial Acts that Britain bestowed upon the colonies. His complete disregard for others is clearly evident, for example, Henry wrote a bill with such morbid language, that some of his fellow colonists agreed it was worth being hanged. Not only his rusty people skills, but also his lack of education. As a young man, he refused to study or anything of the sort. Yet, he has become a lawyer? How can they trust a man in court who has no control over his tongue, or a reasonably decent mind set? His only form of proper education was the six weeks of study prior to the test to become a lawyer. My question is... How can one trust the spit-fire opinion of a politically incorrect man, than the structured development of British government?