Night of the Twisters

by Ivy Ruckman

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characters and problem solution

Dan, Arthur, Dan's mom, Dan's dad, his grandpa, and grandma, then Arthur's family, officer Kelly,and Stacie. These are the character's in the book.

The problem is that there is a twister. The solution is they move to their farm. Another problem was when they couldn't find Dan's mom. But they finally found her at Stacie's house but then they had to split up again.


Arthur came over to Dan's house. They went to Mrs. smileys house. The wind kicked up.

Dan's mom went to Mrs. smiley's house. A twister came. Dan went to get Ryan. Then went downstairs. The twister took down the walls and water rose up. Next they tried to find Dan's mom. They eventually did but then lost her again trying to rescue Mrs. Smiley. They did find her but she did not want to get out. So Dan used a couch to get out instead.


The setting was in the house and outside. Plus they went to a police headquarter. When they went to the headquarters they got a cell. In one chapter/ last chapter they went to a farm.