Tyler Deems

The Island of Fiji

airfare cost and schedule

April Wednesday 16 to March 3

$1458 1 stop busniess class 2 people

fiji air way $1540.


I'm staying at Fiji Island resort and spa . There is a private beach and gym free wifi and no smoking. Spa and swimming pools 5 star resort $185 a night golf course and lots of things for kids. For when we leave the resort I have a Hummer for $193 a day.


There are many things to do parasailing , snorkaeing, ziplining,

and cave diving with some people from the resort.

Problems to anticipate and solutions suggested

There were some problems like they lost my luggage so I baute new stuff filld out a clame and there where people in my room so we hade to wate an hower. some one saw a shark and shot up to the serfis and got the bends. People shood not be scooper extremely of sharks.


Over all it was supper cool I recomend it!