Will There be an Earth Tomorrow?

by: Isabel Sandigo


On planet Earth there is about seven billion living human beings, in which humans interacts with other organisms. Humans also interact with abiotic factors that make up part of our biosphere, which are crucial for part of humans’ survival. Ever since 1760 the beginning of a new era, a new modernized world, since the Industrial revolution humans have advanced in technology. This has slowly been affecting the planet, destroying our biosphere in many ways for example pollution, deforestation, and reducing the Earth’s biodiversity. Some scientist think we have destroyed planet Earth so much that there is no turning back and there is no way of recovering. Although others think that there is still a solution we can still fix it one action at a time.

Some scientists have strong opinions and hypothesize about the fact that there is no turning back in our mistake. The human populations each destroy planet earth in different ways. One big factor being burning fossil fuels which is the increase of CO2 causing more heat to be trapped in the earth’s atmosphere. As a result, global temperatures are rising. Warmer temperatures raise sea levels by melting more ice and decrease of agriculture output by affecting weather patterns. The burning of fossil fuels and other industrial processes release into the air pollutants that contain sulfur dioxide and nitrogen dioxide. Another factor that makes them believe that we can no longer fix our biosphere is over population the destruction of habitats for agriculture and mining, pollution from industry and transportation, and many other activities all contribute to the damage of the environment. As we all may know very well, our so called “yummy fast foods” is a part of over population, this is because since humans eat more and more junk food this causes their company to grow, and they do use crops and have animals meaning they are owners of farms and they need these farms to grow their food on. The food that is being used to feed us is processed and things have to be quicker so besides farms they are owners of companies, all of this begins to accumulate and they over populate destroying the environment for space.

Unlike some scientists others have an opposing opinion and believe that there is still hope and that there is still a solution for us to fix this planet and live in a better site compared to what we live now. If we each can participate and have a bit of acknowledgement and change the systems in which we live, we can easily develop a new world once again. If we all do help we would be benefitting ourselves and our future generations they’ll be able to live healthy lives and maybe humans can have the possibility to have an expansion to living more years. So many things can be done if only we each do something about it. It isn’t too late to fix a problem when identifying it and taking action for it right away before it does get worse.

Not only scientists believe there is still a solution, but many other people think so as well. This is because there are many actions that people can do to change our environment and actually modernize it for the better then modernizing it for the worse and going down the trail where it can actually persecute us humans. For example some actions that can be done to help the environment is plant more trees. Trees make our lives more pleasant and they provide shade. Forests contain 30 percent of space-age on planet earth and these take place in ten countries. Which may seem like a very good amount, but our forests little by little are disappearing roughly the size of Greece every year we lose a forest. The reason why we need trees is not only for oxygen but for many other more reasons like: latex, medicine, food, wood, and fuel. See trees provide us with many things in our daily lives but if the amount of them decreases we will no longer to provide ourselves with natures gifts and do need them. So if we plant more we are not only saving the climate and the way it’s being controlled , but we are helping humans around the world. Another way to help more is to clean our waters. Our waters are used to clean coal, cool the power plant, drive power-generating turbines and clean emissions. “In total, there are more than 500 coal-burning power plants located throughout the United States, which rely on more than 1 trillion gallons of water every year”. All of this is done just because approximately half of the U.S. electricity is generated by a coal power plant. Water is another main recourse us humans use in everyday household activities or other and since water is being used for this what it is doing is just contaminating us and our animals. It isn’t healthy to use that water, but since we depend on fossil fuels we need to do that. What can be done is stop using fossil fuels and changing and depending on something else and actually starts to care about our waters and take care of them stop putting garbage into them. Lastly what can be done is changing cars from using gas to actually start being charged and make our cars electrical. Cars are something that over populate and are a part of our lives but if we change to public transportation or walking and other options it can help. These examples are the little things we can do and would cause a huge change see it isn’t too late there are actions we can take to help and will make a difference we aren’t too late we just need to act now.

Although the opposing opponent what they are trying to say is we just have done so much damage to the earth we might as well finish off destroying it. We cannot do more the damage that we have done. Humans have killed much of nature’s prizes and they’re so precious and take such a long process to develop/grow that we can’t solve the problem, by the time we’re done setting up the cycle’s and other things to help we won’t live long enough to see it happen. Maybe we’re so late that earth might heat up sooner then we think and just flood and everything is done for. Things just seem so bad that it is impossible to see things getting better.

In conclusion, each side has they’re opinion. But there still maybe hope, but who knows it’s up to us to choose will we just end it and destroy it all, or will we help and actually make a solution. No one wants to see our children/families suffer might as well go along with what one scientist said and actually help and do something about it and not lose hope.