Traditions and Etiquette

It is tradition for Mexican families to treat close friends as part of their family. Social media is used a lot in Mexican culture to keep in touch with family. Some Mexican traditions such as the quinceanara celebrate a woman's 15th birthday as her transition into adulthood. In Mexican society is it common to use titles of respect to address people you are not close relatives with.

Landforms and Climate

  • Landforms
Mexico is dominated by a large plateau and two mountain ranges. The highlands of Mexico reach from the southern border of the U.S. to just south of Mexico City. The elevations of the Mexican plateau extend from 4,000 feet in the north, to 8,000 feet in the south.

  • Climate
Some parts of Mexico have a desert climate such as the Baja peninsula. Other parts of Mexico have a tropical to subtropical climate such as the eastern coast, southern lowlands, and the Yucatan peninsula.

Food and Holidays

  • Food
Mexican food is treated with much respect. Corn is a basis to many meals in Mexico along with tortillas, peppers and chiles. Mexican cooking is well represented with famous sauces called moles. For example the mole pablano is a very well known sauce from Peubla. Moles are a mixture of ground chiles, nuts, seeds, chocolate, herbs, and spices, usually served over turkey or chicken.

  • Holidays
One important holiday in Mexico is Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo celebrates the winning of the battle of Puebla verse the French forces in 1862. On October 31st, Mexico celebrates the Days of the Dead. The Days of the Dead celebrate the lives of lost family members and friends. On the first day (October 31st) , deceased children are remembered by leaving food and toys at clay altars. On the second day, the lives of deceased saints are recognized and spicy meals are made. On the third and final day, the spirits of the deceased are believed to return to their families as a symbol of peace and love.

Compatibility Rating

Compared to the United States, Mexico shares many qualities. Social behaviors such as greeting people with respect is very common in the United States. Catholicism is a very popular religion in both Mexico and the United States. In the United States many languages are spoken, English being the most common. However, the second most common language is Spanish. Other qualities such as land features are similar also. Both Mexico and the United States mainly consist of two mountain ranges with great plains in between. Mexico's climate is a lot hotter and tropical than the Unites States. When it comes to food "American" food and "Mexican" food have many big differences. Mexico tends to use much more spice than the United States. Based off this Information I would give Mexico and the United states a compatibility rating of a B-.