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Friday, August 13


Hello and Happy Sunshine!

We are thrilled to be starting this school year with you. This newsletter is filled with important dates, notes and information. Although long, please read through the details provided as we work on setting your child, you and our team up for success.

Today is a big day!

You will have the opportunity to log into Infinite Campus after 4pm today to view your child's teacher for the upcoming school year. In our previous newsletter, I walked through the process of creating class lists. Know that there are many considerations made when placing your child. At this time, we will not be making alterations to our class lists.

Note: Any and all questions concerning parent portals (log-ins, passwords, changing information, etc) must be directed to the WUS Technology Department. OR call 269-792-6611

I'm looking forward to a fantastic year supporting your student!


Rachel Cimek

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Open House


Wednesday, August 18, 5:00-6:00 p.m


Baker Elementary will open their doors at 5:00pm for students and parents to visit. Teachers and staff will be available to help find your child's classroom and answer any questions you may have.

WEPA, our parent association will have tables set up requesting your child's shirt size. Please be sure to stop by their space.

Note: If you will NOT be attending open house but do plan to attend school this year at Baker Elementary, please send a confirmation email to

We will be holding a Title I Parent Meeting in the Library at 5:30.

Baker Elementary is a Title I School. This means additional funds are allocated to Baker from the federal government based on our student population. During this meeting, you will learn more about those funds, where they go and how they impact your child's education.

We are looking forward to seeing you!





What to Expect First Day of School

The first day of school is always thrilling and a bit nerve-wrecking for parents and students alike. Knowing what to expect can help ease some worries. Here are a few notes that will provide insight on our First Day of School.

There are three ways you can drop your child off to school.

For full details, please read this newsletter.

Parent Drop-Off Lane:

Parents, please drop your student off using the west loop. Details are found in the above linked newsletter.

Parent Walk-Up:

Feel free to park in the front lot or across the street and walk your child over to the west side doors. Please note, there will be many students on the sidewalks in front of the building who have just gotten off the bus. This area will be congested.

Bus Drop-Off:

Students ride the bus to school and enter through the front doors of our building.

Please know that we will have all hands on deck the first few days of school to help assist students.

Young Fives - First Grade Parent Drop-Off Loop

*Please note: Right turns only and we will begin welcoming students at 8:55.
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Community Preschool Drop-Off Loop

* Please Note: Wait until all buses have left before beginning to create a line. We will begin welcoming preschool students at 9:05.
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Upcoming Dates

Mon, Aug 16 - Return to Learn Carnival - High School Parking Lot - 5pm to 7pm

Wed, Aug 18 - Baker Open Houses - 5-6 PM

Mon, Aug 23 - First day of school - HALF DAY - Dismiss at noon

Fri, Sept 3 - NO SCHOOL - All WUS offices are closed for Labor Day weekend

Mon, Sept 6 - NO SCHOOL - All WUS offices are closed for Labor Day weekend

Tues, Sept 7 - Community Preschool Begins

Wed, Sept 15 - School Wide Pictures

Wed, Sept 15 - Virtual Equipping Parents Workshop - visit the Baker Elementary website to RSVP

Thurs, Sept 16 - Alternative Class Pictures

Whom Do I Contact With Questions?

STAFF AT BAKER ELEMENTARY - Any and all staff (teachers, office personnel, principal, etc) can be reached via email by using the employee's last name and first initial. Example - Sally Hoffmaster, School Secretary at

TECHNOLOGY - Any and all questions concerning parent portals (log-ins, passwords, changing information, etc) must be directed to the WUS Technology Department. You will also want to contact technology with any iPad concerns, including broken iPads.

Technology - OR call 269-792-6611

BUSING - If you need to change a student's assigned busing routine, you must contact the Transportation Department. Please follow up any answers or changes made by calling/emailing with the Baker office staff and your child's teacher. These changes are not automatically communicated between the two buildings. It is the parent's responsibility to communicate the change.

Transportation/Busing - OR call 269-792-2262

FOOD SERVICE - All Free/Reduced Hot Lunch Applications are confidential. If you have questions concerning the WUS food service program, please contact the following:

Food Service Program - OR call 269-792-3150


Baker Elementary Office Procedures

Items dropped off:

We have designated the foyer/secure entry outside the main office for parents to drop off student items without entering the main office. Labels will be available and items may be left there. Our foyer/secure entrance is equipped with a speaker system for parents to communicate with staff

Student pick-up:

If you need to pick your child up before the scheduled end of the day, parents will remain in the foyer/secure entry and students will be sent to you. All changes in routine and pick-up changes must be made by contacting the office by 3:15 pm each day. After 3:15, the office staff will be unavailable as they will be assisting with monitoring end-of-day routines with students throughout the building.

First Day of School

To prepare for the first day of school this is a reminder of what to pack in your child's backpack:

  • School Issued iPad - if your child took theirs's home last summer (please make sure the iPad is fully charged and ready to use)
  • Ipad Chargers - again, some students were sent home with these last summer
  • Healthy Daily Snack
  • Leak Proof Water Bottle - filled with water

Breakfast, Lunch, Snack, and Birthday Treats


  • Breakfast will be in classroom.
  • Choices will be pre-bagged.
  • Please make sure your child knows if they should be eating breakfast at school.
  • For the 2021-2022 school year, breakfast will be free.


  • Lunch will be served in the cafeteria.
  • Please see the lunch menu for daily options.
  • For the 2021-2022 school year, lunch will be free.


  • Your child is welcome to bring a healthy snack each day.

  • Snack time will be in the morning or afternoon depending on each classroom schedule.

Birthday Treats
  • For celebrations in the classroom, students may bring birthday treats for the class.

End of Day Pick Up Reminders

Parents who are picking up children must park in the front parking lot or on Sycamore Street in front of the building and walk to east end of the building to secure your child. Parents who are picking up their children after school should not park in the parking lot within the bus loop. This parking lot will be closed to all traffic during scheduled pick up times. Other than buses, no vehicle traffic should be present in the bus loop OR the front loop.

Parents picking students up from school must wait outside the courtyard gates until school dismisses. While waiting, adults will begin signing their student out on a clipboard that is passed down the line. Please write legibly.

The end of the day routine takes several days to establish. Safety is our main concern. FYI -security cameras are present in the courtyard for additional safety. Baker staff will take end of the day dismissal very slowly at first. This will be a very long and what may seem like a tedious procedure for the first week. THIS END OF THE DAY PROCEDURE DOES GET BETTER, EASIER & FASTER by week number two! Baker staff is establishing names and faces of our students as well as names and faces of parents and care givers who pick up at the end of the day. PLEASE BE PATIENT.

Please remember - once your child learns the end of the day routine and where to sit and wait, once staff sees a caregivers face a few weeks in a row and once parents have a better idea of their child's individual dismissal time ... the end of the day procedure WILL go more smoothly!

PLEASE NOTE - Children under 16 years of age are not allowed to pick up younger siblings and sign them out. It is the parents/caregivers responsibility to meet their child at the door at the end of the day. Children under 16 trying to pick up a younger child will be sent back to the vehicle to get the legal adult. Also, sign out sheets are legal documents. Students are not allowed to initial the sign out sheets.

ADDITIONAL NOTE: Parking on the south side of Sycamore Street is illegal. Tickets have been issued during open house and the first week of school for people who violate the no parking signs. Also - there is no parking in designated handicap parking spots without a handicap license plate or a sign on the mirror.

Bus Information

Busing the first week of school is very hectic. Be assured, as routines are established the busing WILL get better. Drivers are trying to verify every student who is put on their bus to make sure they are being delivered to the correct address. Many of our young students have never ridden a bus before and all these routines are new experiences for them. You can expect buses to run about 30-45 mins slower than anticipated during the first two days of school. Each day will get smoother and faster. By Friday of the first week, busing will be tweaked closer to the "normal" expected times. Also - do not expect the pick up procedure to be any less hectic the first week. This too takes time to establish a routine.

If you intend for your child to ride the bus to and from school, we have found it is more successful to start those routines from day 1. This is less confusing to the younger students.

All busing schedules are found on the parent portal. Please review the bus information for your child before the open house. Individual school offices (Baker, Steeby, Pine, etc) do not set up transportation stops. If you need to set up a different pick up or drop off location other than your home address, you can send a request to the transportation department via the website. Click on "Departments", choose "Transportation", and click on "Child Care Transportation Form" on the right-hand side.

Medications At School

If your child takes prescription medication/inhaler, etc. you will need to complete a medical authorization form. A special dietary form is also available if your child is allergic to specific food/milk, etc. Both forms need to be completed by a physician. These forms can be found on the website under the "Parent Quick Links" tab. You will need to print off the "Medication Administration Form" and you will also want to contact our school nurse. Medication forms are also mandatory for any over the counter medication intended to be left at school; Tylenol, cough drops, anti-itch medicine, etc. Absolutely no medications will be administered without doctor and parent consent.

Medications at school can only be given if a parent signs a medication release form. Antibiotics, cough drops, Tylenol, cold medicine, etc, should not be sent to school with students. If medicine must be given to a student at school, parents should drop the medication off in the office with a signed medication form. You will find medication forms on our district website,, under the tab for parents. There is one form for both over the counter and prescription medication.

Communications Between School & Home

Just a reminder...WUS is trying to be as paperless as possible. All school and district information can be found online at the district website— Click on Baker Elementary for specific school information.

School communication from Baker Elementary is through the Parent Portal and email. You may also join our Baker Elementary Facebook page.

Most teachers are set up to send group email, such as class newsletters, to all their parents. If you have not been receiving email from your child’s teacher or from the school office, please verify your email address listed in your parent portal.

At this time, WUS and Baker Elementary have sent many messages, emails and phone calls to our families. If you have not received messages or emails, you will want to call the technology department and make sure your portal is set up correctly. REMEMBER—It is parent’s responsibility to update any changes in the portal; phone number changes, work phone number changes, child care changes, emergency contact changes, etc. There is also an Infinite Campus app you can download to your phone. is other way to keep up-to-date on things happening in the district. You can access Peachjar from the WUS home page. Here is where you will find information for a variety of classes and team sports offered by WUS Community Education.

Upcoming Dates

Aug 16 - Return to Learn Carnival - WUHS Parking Lot - 5:00 - 7:00

Aug 18 - Open House - 5-6pm only

Aug 23 - First Day of School - Half Day - Noon Dismissal

Sept 7 - First Day for T/Th Community Preschool (Tuition Based)

Sept 8 - First Day for Ext Day Preschool & Half Day M/W/F Preschool (Tuition Based)

Sept 15 - School Wide Pictures for Baker Elementary

Sept 20 - First Day for GSRP Preschool

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