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Welcome to The Book Fort: Special Jolabokaflod Issue!

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Issue 40: Jolabokaflod

I have always enjoyed receiving books for Christmas from my favorite aunt as a child and started this tradition with my nieces and nephews as a result. Last winter, I was inspired by a colleague to learn more about Iceland's Jolabokaflod, or the Yule Book Flood.

In Iceland, many residents give each other books for Christmas. The emerging cultural tradition is now for everyone to spend Christmas Eve reading. Yes, reading. Imagine how this would feel in your household, when things can be frantic and stressful, when kids are wide awake and presents still need to be wrapped. Read about how Guinevere de la Mare, founder of the Silent Book Club chose to change her own gift giving traditions based on Jolabokaflod.

So, for the last Book Fort of the year, I thought I would try to inspire you to create your own Jolabokaflod by flooding you with recommended texts for all ages. I am thrilled to share with you books that students, teachers, friends, and family love. I hope you enjoy and spread this love to your students as they return to the classroom this new year. Let's make 2019 the year we all read more than we ever have before! It will pay dividends beyond what we will ever truly expect or know, more than scores on tests.

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Kristie Hofelich Ennis, NBCT

In an effort to systematically study relevant research and stay connected to the teachers I greatly respect and with whom I have worked for years to successfully implement independent reading, this newsletter came about. It will offer research and practical ideas for quick implementation and may prompt further discussion or study with your colleagues. I hope you'll find it useful and thought-provoking; I also hope you will stay in touch if you implement any of the ideas with your students. They are, after all, why I do what I do!