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It's never too early to get started exploring your options and make confident career decisions. This newsletter will keep you updated on what's next in your career readiness journey. Each month, I'll bring you ideas in getting career ready, tips for using some of our best resources, key events for your Career Ready Punchcard, and words of wisdom from students and recruiters.

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Kelly O’Shaughnessy ‘05
Assistant Director of Freshmen & Sophomore Initiatives

Career Readiness Punchcard Event of the Month

Your Career Readiness Punchcard is a list of resources to use and things to do to take charge of your path to becoming ready for your career, whatever it may be. For more, visit the Career Readiness Punchcard webpage.

To check an item off the list, check out the upcoming networking sessions.

Practice introducing yourself and asking questions! We have two upcoming open Networking Events:

  • Thursday, March 30 @ 5:00pm, in the Cohen Career Center: chat with alumni
  • Friday, April 7 @ 5:00pm, in the Cohen Career Center: chat with parents of current students

Career Readiness Tip of the Month

Have you started thinking about your summer plans yet? While internships are great, they’re not the only way to spend your summer after your first full year in college. There are all kinds of ways to gain experience and try out careers that might interest you.

Volunteer: Use idealist.org to find non-profit organizations near you and filter based on their focus areas to find a place you’d like to give your time.

Informational Interview: A great way to learn about the range of careers that exist is to talk to people who are already working in those jobs. This is an interview where you get to ask the questions about lifestyle, tips to get there, and even their most and least favorite parts of the job. We have a whole page on our website with tips and samples for learning from others about their jobs.

Part-time Job: Have you ever worked a paid position? If not, you can gain valuable, transferable skills from a summer job ranging from camp counselor to restaurant host. These positions can also show future employers you have experience reporting to a supervisor other than faculty. Look into resources like SnagAJob or your local town or government websites for opportunities.

Career Competency Of The Month

Across all industries, recruiters want to learn about the skills you have and how you've used them. No matter your major, they want to know where you developed your core set of career competencies, whether it was in the classroom, as a member of a club, while playing a sport, when conducting research, or in a professional position, many have agreed on a set of eight transferable skills. Click here for a full list.

This month, we’re looking at Career Management. Can you:

  • Identify and articulate your skills, strengths, knowledge, and experiences relevant to the position desired and career goals
  • Identify areas necessary for skill growth
  • Navigate and explore job options, understand and take the steps necessary to pursue opportunities

What kinds of experiences have helped you identify your skills and strengths? Have you ever asked for more responsibility during a different experience?

Did you know we can help identify steps for what’s next? Stop by Quick Advising or schedule an appointment to learn more!

Tribe Careers Tip of the Month

Want to know the next time Disney, Google, the CIA, or Ernst & Young will be vising campus? Didn’t know we had a panel alumni talking about careers in Public Health, or International Development?

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