Speed Skating

who will be the unlimate winner? women or men?

what is spped skating?

Speed skating, is a competitive form of ice skating in which the competitors race each other in traveling a certain distance on skates. Lake Placid had hosted its first major speed skating competition in 1919, with the Eastern Outdoor Championships, won by local skater Charlie Jewtraw, who went on to become Olympic Champion in the 500 m at the inaugural Winter Olympics in 1924. Since then, many records had been set on the ice of the town’s Mirror Lake. For the 1932 Games, a $150,000 stadium was built with a capacity of 5,000. A hockey rink was placed in the centre of the track, and matches were played between and during skating races. It was only at the Lake Placid Games in 1932 that women were authorized to compete in speed skating, which was then only a demonstration sport. It was not until the 1960 Games in Squaw Valley that women’s speed skating was officially included in the Olympic program.

X and Y

This picture represents the value of X and Y. The value of X represents years, while the Value of Y represents time. According to our intersecting points and the values of X and Y we can expect that the female and male competitors will not have the same time at an Olympic event. You can Conclude this because the year at which the two meet at the same speed is 2017 but the Olympics will not be until 2019. Thus the competitors will not have the same speed because by 2019 the males will be faster than the females. The Y value represents the speed at which the competitors would have the same speed which would be 2.8183332 seconds. but because they will never be the same you can expect times afterwards to be faster.