Patient Zero B DAY

Identifying Pathogens with Hoffman

Group Member Roles

You are a group of medical professionals that have come into contact with a patient that is suffering many symptoms due to a pathological infection. Your job is to research the symptoms and clues given along the way to determine the cause of infection. The group of four medical professionals you belong to are broken into the following roles:

1. Main Researcherconducts computer research based on the needs of the group and completes the pathogen requirement (#1).

2. Publicistcreates 2 press releases (one early and one at conclusion of project) and conducts a live press conference (#3) in front of the class.

3. Data Analyst/Entry – submits tests electronically to the attending doctor to request additional information for the group, creates the treatment log requirement (#2) and the comparison graph requirement (#4), submits treatments electronically to attending doctor, gathers and organizes all information found by the team, and presents professional looking final products (according to the requirements) to the attending doctor.

4. Hospital Liaison/Scientist keeps team on track with deadlines, communicates patient's progress (during daily "rounds") with the attending doctor (Dr. Hoffman), and completes the follow-up story requirement (#5).

Our Patients

Project Requirements

1. Identify pathogen – Create an iBook to present the material that will discuss the following:

a. What surfaces is this pathogen capable of living on?

b. How long does the pathogen live outside of the body? Inside of the body?

c. How does this pathogen get spread from person to person (or to other organisms)?

d. Does this pathogen use a specific vector (rat, tick, mosquito, soil, etc.) to aid in spreading the disease?

e. How can the spreading of this pathogen be prevented?

f. What percentage of people in the USA have been infected by this pathogen in the last 12 years (2005 - 2017)?

g. What percentage of people in the WORLD have been infected by this pathogen in the last 12 years (2005 - 2017)?


All team members will be including their requirement in this iBook as well.

2. Comparison – Create a bar chart (of your design) on an Infogram ( where you are to compare the intensity of your pathogen to that of other pathogens. Please rank all pathogens according to their level of intensity (example: 1 = least harmful to 6 = worst pathogen to be infected with. Of the six pathogens, one should rank as #1, one as #2, one as #3, #4, #5 and #6.)

The pathogens you will rank need to be:

a. TWO well-known pathogens (different from Patient Zero list)

b. TWO obscure (rare) pathogens (different from Patient Zero list)

c. ONE pathogen that is affecting other countries aside from America (different from Patient Zero list)

d. YOUR pathogen that is affecting patient zero's health

CITE YOUR SOURCES in a text box under your graph!!!!

**This graph will need to be uploaded into your group's iBook as a link to the site or as a screenshot picture.

3. Press Releases and Press Conference – you will create these items to educate the surrounding communities about the break-out of your pathogen. These items should include:

a. What the problem is and where the problem started.

b. Signs/Symptoms of Patient Zero at start and current status of Patient Zero

c. Current treatment options for Patient Zero

d. Expected future of Patient Zero and the expected outcome of this case

e. Difference between pandemic and epidemic and which one we are dealing with in your patient's case

f. Who is at risk?

g. Other concerns/warnings to the public for their awareness of the problem

h. Should be presented either as a live press conference (in front of the class), or a pre-recorded press conference (will present your video to the class). Let your imagination fly here!

i. Two typed and printed press releases (one submitted early and one at the conclusion of the project) both addressing the information from the questions above in 500 words or less.

4. Treatment/Testing Log – you will create 2 spreadsheets that will track the tests that you conducted on Patient Zero, the results of each test, and the resulting treatments given to the patient. **These spreadsheets will need to be uploaded into your group's iBook as an embedded spreadsheet or a screenshot picture.

a. Include patient name and ID#.

b. Include all doctors' names on the case. (Your name and group members' names.)

c. Include all tests and treatments performed during the course of project and organize chronologically according to the date submitted.

d. Should be two separate spreadsheets - one labeled testing, the other treatment.

e. Each spreadsheet should have at least 4 columns: test or treatment name, date submitted, test or treatment results, receipt date of the results

5. Follow-up Storyyou will create a follow-up story that includes:

a. Status of Patient Zero

b. Warnings to the general public – is the area now safe? Should they still be using caution?

c. Prevention in the future – how can the public make sure this doesn’t happen to them?

d. Treatment(s) of Patient Zero

e. Personal interview with Patient Zero (patient may be played by one of your group members)

f. Must be presented as a live interview recorded with iMovie. Let your imagination fly here!

CITE YOUR SOURCES in the credits of your movie!!!!

**This iMovie will need to be uploaded into your group's iBook as a media file.

Press Release Requirement DUE DATE

Tuesday, March 28th, 8am

1431 Mecklenburg Highway

Mooresville, NC

Requirement is due at the BEGINNING of class - due to presentations that will occur.

Pathogen, Comparison Chart, Testing/Treatment Log, Second Press Release, Follow-up Story DUE DATE

Tuesday, April 11th, 8am

1431 Mecklenburg Highway

Mooresville, NC

Requirement is due at the BEGINNING of class - SUBMITTED TO CANVAS - due to presentations that will occur.

Survey of your Team Members

Complete this survey when you group has FINISHED presenting on April 11th.