The Digestive System

Why do you have to go

Welcome to the digestive system

First we will tackle an adventure through the jobs and structures. Then we’re going to get to see what poop is covered in and where a fart comes from. Then I'll tell you some disgusting facts about the weird digestive system.

Jobs and Structures

See the inside of the mouth and get chewed up and get salivated. Then into the esophagus we go. The esophagus will squeeze us down to the stomach. The esophagus is also the transport system to the stomach. I see the stomach oh no the toxic acid is going to eat us alive. The only reasons it don’t eat are stomach is it’s lined with mucus. Oh no were going to get churned while being eaten alive. Uh Oh the valve to the small intestine is opening all the nutrients are going to get squeezed out of us. Only 20 ft. to go then we are into the large intestine. That will squeeze all the water out of us that’s just 5 ft. So if you think about it only 25 ft. to go. Then out the rectum, here we go.

Now which one of you asked weird question like poop is covered in?

Common question`s

What poop is covered in? It’s coverd in mucus and it’s filled with compacted waste. A common question is, where does a fart come from? Well here’s the answer, air that got down the esophagus instead of the trachea

Who’s having fun...? OK who wants to hear some fun facts...? OK let’s get started

Q. Why is it stinky?

A. Stuff released during

the digestive process

think like it is a rotten


Q. Why puke burns

A. Stomach acid burning

the inside of your mouth

Q. Why is poop brown

A. The red blood cells in

the poop

Thomas Byrd

Ok Who had fun me, me, me, ok come again and next time we will learn about the nervous system. Thank for listening.