Forced Marriages

What is a forced marriage?

A forced marriage happens when one or both participants are coerced into matrimony without their free consent.They can have been emotionally blackmailed, physically threatened or abused. Some international bodies have condemned force unions and they supported the right.

Where and Why do they happen?

The majority of the families that have forced marriages are from South Asia, Middle East and Africa. The women and girls are the victims in 85% of the total cases. People force others into marriage due to a range of factors such as preserving wealth and family reputation.

Some photos of forced marriages.

What can we do?

It's very difficult do something for help in this cases. We can talk with the government and ask for this marriages. But no always we can help.

Sara's Story

We have got this video of 4 min. This is a example of forced marriages. We wish you like it.
Forced Marriages - Sara's Story