Lewis & Clark

By: William Gaudin

10 Events that happened during the expodition

  1. On August 2, A group of indians called the OTO and Mississippi Indians arrived at the camp. The encounter went well they exchanged greetings and gifts.But the captain knew that things would be different when they met the Sioux.
  2. "Towards the end of august they had reached the eastern edge of the great plains.
  3. "They were now heading into Sioux territory.
  4. During the 2 year expedition only one man died. His name was Sergeant Charles Floyd
  5. Four days after the first snow fall the came upon the Mandan tribe village were they had planed to spend the winter.
  6. Shortly after they started to build a fort to protect them against the bitter northern winter and the Sioux. By the end of the winter the fort was finished.
  7. "A french,Canadian fur trapper who's name was Charbonneau who was living among the Hidatsa.
  8. Charbonneau, his shoshone wife, Sacagawea and their son would join the expedition."
  9. Lewis and several of his men spotted a pair of grizzlies. They hurt one of the bears and it managed to escape put the other charged the bear chased them for 80 yards before they reloaded and killed the bear.
  10. In early may the journey almost lost one of its boats when a sudden gust of wind cough the boat and turned it on its side.Sacagawea who was in the boat saved the journals and as much stuff as she could.