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Computer Science & Software Engineering

Ms. American Horse 918-357-6325

Welcome to CSE

Open doors in careers with computer science! In CSE, students will create games using Scratch, apps for mobile devices, automate tasks in a variety of languages, find patterns in data, and interpret simulations. Students collaborate to create and present solutions that can improve people’s lives. How will computing and connectivity transform your world?

Our class is a Project Lead the Way class. PLTW is a nationwide STEM curriculum that is project based. All student assignments can be accessed from home at The software we use in class is either web-based or a free download. Students who want to work from home may request a CSE Software List.

Interesting fact: Union High School was the first and only high school in the state of Oklahoma to offer the PLTW CSE course last year. Ms. American Horse recently presented at the State Career Tech Conference to encourage other teachers to consider the Computer Science pathway for their students.

Parent-Teacher-Student Conferences

Next available in person conference times are Monday, October 12, 4:30-7:15PM. If you can't make it during that time, I'd be happy to answer your questions concerning your child by email or phone. 918.357.6324

Current STEM Projects

Students are currently working with MIT's "Scratch" which is a web based drag and drop environment for block programming based on the language Python. Students will use the website to create stories and animated games. Ask them to show you their project!

Most recently, students have been using Lego's to understand Binary Code. It's a fun, hands-on activity to decipher 0's and 1's. Ask them about it!

Get Involved

Students are invited to join these organizations that relate specifically to technology:

  • Technology Student Association
  • Ubotics, FRC Team 3507
  • Business Professionals of America