Smith Class Newsletter

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Thank you for making sure that your children were prepared and ready for the field trip. We had a fabulous day with great weather and a great experience! Please ask your child to share some of the new things they learned about the Lenape people of the Eastern Woodlands.

This Week's Skills


Everyday Math Program - Unit 2: Number Stories and Arrays

  • Extended facts
  • Number stories using diagrams
  • Multi-step number stories

Fact Practice: Review of 2x, 5x, and 10x

Reading/Language Arts

Story: Supermarket

  • Comprehension Skill: Compare and Contrast
  • Vocabulary Skill: Multiple Meaning Words
  • Grammar Skill: Imperative and Exclamatory sentences
  • Phonics / Spelling Skill: vowel digraphs ee, ea; ai, ay; oa, ow
  • Reading good habit: Using background knowledge

New Family TImes will come home on Thursday (due October 22nd)

Social Studies

How did the groups of people interact with each other in the Eastern Woodlands?

  • Wampanoag native americans
  • English settlers (Pilgrims)
  • The First Thanksgiving

Social Studies test on Friday (10/16). Study packet went home today with information to use to help students prepare.


  • Picture Day is Thursday, October 15th
  • Please return VIP folders with signed tests still inside the folder.
  • Harlem Wizards Game is Sunday, October 18th
  • Fall Festival parade at 2:00pm on Friday, October 30th