Bellwood-Antis School District

Education From A Distance

Together We Can... Learn From Home!

Educators at the Bellwood-Antis School District are providing planned instruction for students while at home. Work may include accessing virtual instruction and online resources to learn new materials. Teachers are also reinforcing and extending students’ prior learning as well.

Check out our collection of creative, engaging and fun classroom activities and instructional videos geared towards inspiring students to do their best!

Myers Elementary School

My Little Puppy - Mr. Wolfe, Kindergarten Music

Writing - Mrs. Forshey, Grade 2 Language Arts

Rounding - Mrs. Coleman, Grade 2 Math

Shared Reading: Making Inferences - Mrs. Naylor, Grade 2 Language Arts

Fundations - Mrs. Dionis, Grade 2 Language Arts

Classroom Activity Announcements - Mrs. Bouslough, Grade 3 Math

Problem and Solution - Mrs. Sabatula, Grade 3 Math

Finding Area in Word Problems - Mrs. Kelly, Grade 3 Math

Quatrain Poetry - Mrs. Dickson, Grade 4 Language Arts

Intervals - Mr. Wolfe, Grade 4 Music

Myers Morning News YouTube Channel - Dr. Harpster & various teachers have found creative ways to continue producing the morning new program for students.

Bellwood-Antis Middle School

Mrs. Trexler's Grade 6 Language Arts Google Site - Contains instructional videos, resources, student projects & more!

Sample Space Tree Diagrams - Mr. Farkus, Grade 7 Math

Baby Shark for Beginning Band Instruments - Mr. Sachse, Music

Mr. Trexler's Media Center Google Site - Contains STEM Challenges, Articles of Interest, Digital Breakout Games, Quarantine Cuisine videos & more!

Mrs. Yearick's Guidance Google Site - Contains info about the BAMS Positive Behavior Intervention Support (PBIS) program as well as links to career resources & more!

Remote Learning Artwork - Mrs. McNaul

Bellwood-Antis High School

Equations of Circles - Mrs. Stinson, Geometry

Sine Equations - Mrs. Stinson, Advanced Math

The Underground Railroad Webquest - Mr. Elder, Social Studies

Chemical vs. Nuclear Reactions - Mrs. Flarend, Physics

Sources of Energy in Chemical & Nuclear - Mrs. Flarend, Physics

Remote Learning Artwork - Mrs. McNaul

Gram to Gram Stoichiometry Questions - Ms. Clippard, Chemistry

Determining Limiting & Excess Reactants - Ms. Clippard, Chemistry