All about Grasslands

by Summer Nicholson Period:7 Grade 7

Location and Climate

Grasslands are located in areas of the world with prectipitation between desert and forest. More specifically; U.S.A, Canada, South America, Eurasia, Russia, Turkey, and India.

The climate in a Grassland depends on the location. In Canada, the grasslands are cooler and get more rain. In the U.S; in places like Texas, the weather is hotter and has less rainfall. The overall rainfall for grasslands is: 10-30 in temperate grasslands and 25-60 in tropical and sup-tropical areas. Grasslands regulary have hot summers and cold winters. The lowest it can get in the winter is -40 degrees F. In the summer it can be as high as 70 degrees F.

Plants and Animals Within the Grassland Biome

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Three producers (plants) that live in a Grassland biome are: Buffalo grass, Goldenrods, and Sunflowers.

The grass there must be able to handle frequent wild fires and droughts. There is barely enough precipitation to support grass and small trees, much less forests. The grass has also adapted to the grassland biome because it can survive in very thin soil, which can lack much needed nutrients. Whenever wild fires occur, is when the soil becomes very nutritious. This allows the grass to reproduce very quickly.

Goldenrods have adapted to the grassland’s climate because they don’t need lots of water. During long drought however; they die and wither away. Goldenrods can also survive the hot weather that might occur during the spring or summer seasons. Goldenrods reproduce in the spring, where the most rainfall occurs. The hot summers keep them from over reproducing.

Sunflowers have adapted to the Grasslands because they require much sun to grow. The grasslands have little precipitation and much sun. This is why they are called sunflowers. Sunflowers do not require much water and can survive throughout the hot summers. However; throughout the spring and summer, when the wind blows a lot, the sunflowers release their seeds to be taken by the wind to another place. During the fall and winter when the wind is still strong, the coolness has chased them away.

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Coyotes can thrive and survive in a Grassland biome because deer love to graze here. Coyotes do not need much water thought they may die during longer droughts. Reproducing occurs throughout the spring and summer because it is the time when there is much food.

The Canadian Geese have adapted to the Grasslands because it gets much rainfall in the fall and spring. They also feed on the bugs that come to that water to drink as well. The Canadian Geese live in the cooler areas of Grasslands such as in South America. These Geese reproduce during the spring whenever the most rainfall occurs.

Prairie Chickens can survive in a grassland biome because they don’t need constant water. They do, however, reproduce when the most water is available, in the spring. They would spend the whole summer keeping their young same from other predators and fires. The chickens can survive the heat of the summer and the coolness of the winter.

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