join some of these amazing clubs!!

Join Cheer and CHEER US ON!!

Do you want to support everyone on and make them smile!!

Go ahead and join in cheer.In cheer you learn about trust..where your new friends catch you once you start to fly!UP AND AWAY...You won't just learn about trust;You will also get fit..Who doesn't want to be strong and healthy.Although cheer has its advantages it also has its disadvantages;injuries, im pretty sure you don't want to get an injury.

Like every single athlete cheerleaders get hurt,but if your not afraid JOIN WITH NO FEAR!


ART..where do I begin:

Do you like drawing,painting,coloring and more!!

if you do then this is the right place for you.We learn alot in this class,things you didnt even know,but dont worry its interesting.COLORS COLORS AND MORE COLORS!Here in art you learn about colors not just their names,but weird awesome things!I would tell you but I dont want to ruin it for you!You will learn to use your imagination..drawing reeindeers that can dance the macarena..tell me if your not using your imagination to draw that.You will find out that things arent always what they seem..drawing birds singing that are actually airplanes about to crash and people screaming for help...ART...makes you imagine everything in different ways,although art is fun and inspiring it can also be stressful,trying not to mess up,but don't worry it will all be okay!!



Who wants to dance around waving flags all over the place if you do raise your hand and Join here!Color guard is amazing place where you learn about teamwork.WARNING:LOTS AND LOTS OF INJURIES,Join here and be an all-star color guard dancer!!


ROBOTICS where you learn about teamwork.You make lots of lots of creations that are different.You learn to be creative and you get to have fun!!Although robotics is fun it can have its disadvantages like: deadlines,lots of homework,big projects.Like every class theirs deadlines in robotics but that's how we learn about teamwork.Your friends help you with your projects.IF YOU LIKE DESTROYING AND BUILDING THINGS THEN JOIN HERE!!!


choir where you show off your powerful voice!!

Go to concerts and sing to people!!If your in choir you go to concerts!!If you can't sing don't worry that's why you have choir for to help you with ur voice!!Theirs bad things to good things like:you have to pay a 15 dollar fee,shyness,you have to say and watch concerts.If your not shy then join up!!And show everyone what your made off!!

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