White House Landscape

Rachel Hanley 4B

How I used the Element of Art

I used the element of color by creating many different shades, and used them to paint many layers on the picture so there is unity in the image and the design can be seen through the many shades

Monochromatic Landscape Painting

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Reference Photo

Citation: Credo-ua.org,. N.p., 2016. Web. 14 Jan. 2016.
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Personal Response

I chose this monument to draw because it's a classic monument which everyone knows. It is in the countries capitol, and is where the president and his family lives. This building is almost like a symbol of America, and my country means a lot to me. So thats why I chose to do this monument, not only because it's a beautiful peace of artwork but because it's a symbol of this country.

History and Culture

I used the element of art color in my painting of the white house. All of the different shades of one color coming together created unity. Unity is creating a harmonious feeling by using the same element of art and repeating it all through your artwork. They different layers in my painting were slightly darker or lighter than one another so that you could tell the difference, however it was all the same color. The different shades also gave it a sense of contrast, because the painting went from light to dark you could clearly see the difference in color, and therefore the painting is very bold and comes together nicely.