Kate McDaniel

Enchanting Land

China is reputed as the oldest civilization in the word. Its unique culture and customers make it a charming place for visiting. Before setting foot on this enchanting land, you are suggested knowing some facts about it including its people, language, Chinese names, etiquette and holidays.


New Year
January, 1st of common calendar. Non-working day. Celebrated not widely, considered mainly as corporative holiday in the "advanced" companies.

The Spring Festival, Chinese New Year
The first day of year in lunar calendar. Celebrated somewhere between the end of January and the middle of February. Non-working day. The most favorite holiday of Chinese people. The generations of one family try to celebrate it together. The main meal of the day are meat-stuffed dumplings. The members of family make and eat them together. In these days practically nobody works, . These two weeks in fact are the vacation for whole country. The people living far from their homelands are going home to spend time among their relatives. This is the time to have fun, to buy gifts, to eat and to walk, and, of course, to shoot out the biggest part of annual production of firecrackers.

The Lantern Festival
Also called the Year's First Full Moon. The fifteenth day of the first month in lunar calendar. It finishes the celebration marathon which opens up with Chinese New Year day.

The legend says that the spirits go out to fly in darkness on the night, and people are hanging out the traditionally decorated lanterns in order to see them. The official meal of the day are yuanxiao - the balls of rice with sweet stuffing.

Here are some facts;China is one of the earliest places where mankind originated. Its civilization is the longest of the four ancient civilizations (the other three being the civilizations of the ancient Egypt, the Babylon and the ancient India),The public holidays Chinese enjoy now include the New Year's Day, the Spring Festival, the Qingming Festival, the May Day, the Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-autumn Festival and the National Day. During these days, many people would like to have a good rest or go traveling. The Spring Festival and the National Holiday, these two 'Golden Weeks', are the peak times for passenger transport, as during these periods of time, Chinese will go for family reunion or traveling, so you should avoid these days on your plan to the country,They are the largest nationality in the world. Since the earliest historical times, they have lived, multiplied and labored in this land. During the several thousand years' development, they have made great contribution to the world due to their wisdom and hard working. The advanced agriculture and manufacture, as well as the Four Great Inventions, have impressed and shocked the world.

Must-see places

China has made an incredible leap onto the international tourism stage and is currently one of the best popular destinations, here are some must-see places:The Forbidden City - For over 500 years, Beijing's Forbidden City was the exclusive home of emperors and advisors, but since it first opened to the public, it has rapidly become one of the most-visited places on Earth.Giant Buddha - Built in the eighth century in a bid to calm a raging river running by its feet, the Leshan Giant Buddha is one of China's great architectural marvels and, at 223 ft., the largest sitting Buddha on the planet. The statue is carved directly into the riverside cliffs, and travelers can climb the stairwell from the Buddha's feet to the cliff top and enjoy the massive statue from all angles.Great Wall of China - Of course, no list about China would be complete without China's most amazing monument, and one of the Seven Wonders of the World: The Great Wall. The Wall, which stretches over 13,000 miles, is easily accessible for travelers in Beijing.