by Lismaries C. Sanchez Cruz

Similar Jobs music and art

  1. Architects
  2. crafts and fine arts
  3. fashion designer
  4. reporters advertising photography
  5. Aerial photography

My Interist/my skills

  1. I am organized
  2. creative
  3. good at creating designs
  4. I get along with people very well
  5. Work well with people
  6. and speaking

What photographers do

Photographers use their technical expertise,creative and composition skills to produce and preserver images that visually tells a story or recored an event.

What skills and what we need to know

We need to have good business also be creative skills,technical understandings.


are salary is 13.70 per hour some times more it depends.
education= high school diploma,equivalent and a bachelor degree.

Where do we work

Some travel for photo shoots and others work in their own studios.