Anabolic Steroids

Anthony Florenz & Ben Bradley

Medical and Street Names:

Medical Name- Anabolic Steroids

Street names -Arnolds -Gym Candy -Pumpers

-Juice -Roids


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Duration= 1/2- 7 days
Popularity= 3 in every 1,000 16-24yr olds used it in the last year
Sources=sold through internet and gyms
Cost= $3.38/ dose
Can be addictive due to increased dopamine levels

Harmful Affects to Body:

-Premature stunted skeletal maturation

-Accelerated puberty changes

-Kidney Failure and Liver Damage

-Cardiovascular complications (enlarged heart and high blood pressure)

-For Men: Shrinking of Testicles, Reduced Sperm Count, Baldness

-Increased acne

Social Affects

-If caught with drug, you could face criminal charges and go to prison

-Can tear families apart

-extreme mood swings "Roid Rage"

Why Teens Use it

=to improve athletic performance

=increase muscle size or reduce body fat rapidly

=vulnerability feelings due to childhood abuse

=the thrill of it

How Can I Strengthen my Refusal Skills to Drugs?

=research about the drug
=focus on the negative affects it can have on you/ loved ones
=friend/ family negative experiences with the drug

How Can I help Others?

=educate them about the drug
=relate to them and tell them there are other options
=recommend them to a rehab center