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She's Back! Martia Nelson, host of "The New Feminine Wealth"

Best-selling Author, Coach, Confidante and Catalyst to high net-worth women, Martia Nelson, is an expert in managing the unique stresses that come with success, wealth and notoriety.

For more than 25 years she has been guiding women around the world into an ease, confidence, clear purpose, and love of life that can only come from knowing one’s true self. Her clients have included founders of multi-million dollar companies, women who are notable contributors to causes, best-selling authors, and high achievers committed to making a difference in the world.

Martia has chosen to advise women of influence and affluence because they have extraordinary capacity yet often feel tremendous pressure that can drain joy from their lives and compromise their physical and psychological health.

She believes the world needs these women to be in their healthiest, happiest, most balanced state, where they are energized by the joy and well-being that comes from feeling truly at home in their own skin. From there, they naturally offer their inner gifts and outer power to be of greatest service.

Martia is currently writing her next book, The New Feminine Wealth, which presents an empowering new model of wealth for our times and highlights women who are using their affluence and influence to contribute to the world.

The New Feminine Wealth, with Martia Nelson

Monday, Jan. 6th, 9am

This is an online event.

Coming Home: The Return to True Self

Fear, anger, loneliness, and money stress are modern day "plagues" that sap our energy and steal our joy. Coming Home provides the antidote! It guides us into our true self where we find a wealth of unconditional love, happiness, prosperity, and connectedness with all life. Each page evokes self-love and a feeling of being seen and understood at the deepest level. "Coming Home offers deep insight into the nature of the field of pure potentiality within us all. It will help all those who seek fulfillment from the level of Being rather than Doing." -DEEPAK CHOPRA "Coming Home is the clearest, most powerful explanation of the universe and how it works that I have ever read. It's brilliant. This book will be on my bedside table for quite some time. I believe it's destined to become a classic." -SHAKTI GAWAIN

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