What does Genius Look Like?

16 of the Smartest Children in History

3 Big Ideas

  • Giftedness can come from anywhere. No two of the children listed were the same. They were gifted in multiple different ways and used their talents for many amazing things.
  • Gifted children may have a learning disability. Many of the gifted children in the article had ADD, ADHD or autism.
  • If pushed too hard/not challenged, gifted children may become burned out or bored. Gifted children need special attention so that they can use their gifts, however they do not need to be overwhelmed.


  • I wonder what percentage of students in our district are identified as GT learners?
  • I wonder how we can better identify giftedness in our classrooms?

Next Steps

  • Get with my counselors and discuss better ways to identify giftedness in my classroom.