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Boston Tea Party | Nam Le

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Background Information

  • Was a raid on December 16, 1773
  • Patriots dumped crates on tea in the Boston Bay
  • Thirteen Original Colonies were under the British Parliament
  • Taxed heavily by the British
  • Colonists had no representation
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The British Parliament placed 4 expensive taxes on imported goods. The taxes were the Stamp act, sugar act, townshed act, and the navigation acts. The colonists immediately demanded the taxes get repealed because they thought that the taxes were unconstitutional. The British repealed 3 out of the 4 taxes, but one, the tea tax. The colonists got angry and protested that the tea tax be removed but the British ignored them
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The Gathering

This lead to the First Continental Congress, a gathering of representatives from the thirteen colonies. The Patriots came up with the phrase "No taxation without representation" which means that the colonists didn't have a representative to deliver their views of the tax, the British forced it upon them.


The colonists feared that the tea monopoly of the British would put some of their local patriotic merchants out of business. The Patriots got even angrier and decided to take charge themselves.

The Procedure

One-hundred plus Patriots disguised themselves as Indians and boarded the British ship with the hundreds crates of tea. They began tossing crates of tea into the Boston Bay as people watching the dumping cheered them on.


The news of the destruction of tea raised the spirit of resistance among the colonies and kept protesting against the British. The British was so angry at the colonists of Boston they sent 4,000 soldiers to the Boston Port and closed it down. The British also passed the "Intolerable Acts" which was a set of laws that further punished the colonists. Because of these acts the Revolutionary War started 16 months later.

How did the colonists demonstrate their belief system through their protests?

The colonists were under British control and had no representation of their colonies. They were determined to get the taxes repealed and was willing to do anything to end it. They took extreme measures by taking the risk of getting arrested and caught for the dumping of tea crates. Even though they got punished by getting more harsh laws they were persistent and determined.


"Dump it Off" - Boston Tea Party Song ("Shake it Off")

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