My ten Personality traits

I'm a Star

Be Unique

If i could be any Soft drink I would be Coca-Cola. Coke is bubbly and has a very unique taste. I am very bubbly and outgoing. I love to have fun and smile. I'm myself and i love being different.
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Stay Strong!

What Kind of flower am I? I would consider myself a rose. I am Strong like the thorns that protect the rose. I have many different sides to myself just as there are many different colors to roses.

You are you.

"Today you are you, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is youer than you.

Dr. Seuss"

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What Musical instrument are you?

If i was to be any musical instrument i would be a Piano. Pianos can be loud or soft. They are fun to play and sit down with if you know what you're doing. I can be loud when i know you or i can be soft and shy. I'm easy to talk to if you get to know me and i can be fun to be around.


Like a Rhino I can be very stubborn and hard headed. I won't let anyone tell me whats right or wrong in certain situations.
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I would describe my personality as being a Chocolate coffee been Candy. I choose this Specific candy because i have a very Spontaneous attitude and I have lots of energy.


Just like a regular greeting card I love to get to know people and learn about them. I have learned that a simple hello can make someones day a lot better.
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Many insects are talkative but one insect particular would be a cricket. Crickets make loud noises all through the night talking to one another. I would say i am like a Cricket in the way that i love to express myself no matter happy or sad.


I would describe myself as very slow to things. I procrastinate Way to much. I would compare this to smooth Jazz because it is Slow and Steady.
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For my final personality type my School Subject would be theater. I love to create new ideas and be something that I am not.