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3 Things You Need to Know - STAT Report 9.22.2016

Teacher Highlights

Students in science and math classes create mind maps to show unit connections as a summative review activity.

Strategy of the Week

Heads Up: Looking for an engaging way to review key vocabulary? Consider this educational twist on the game, Heads Up. It's super fun, students love it, and it’s easy to set up. For a non-digital version, start by creating a “deck” of vocabulary cards for each small group. Have students place the deck of cards face down in the middle of the table. One player takes the card from the top of the pile and places it on his/her forehead. The other players give clues to help the player guess the word (without using the word). Once the word is guessed correctly, the player picks up a new card from the deck and play continues for 60 seconds. The player counts the number of words solved correctly within the time limit. The next player to begin is the person to the right. Play continues until everyone has had a turn.

**Modifications– instead of the 60 second time limit per person, students can alternate players through the deck. Each person completes one, and then passes the deck to the person on their right. You can also download the game to your device and select "create your own deck".

***Extensions – After a game of Heads Up, students can use the “deck” of cards to create a mindmap for as a summative activity.

Resource: Jill Watkins and Read with Me blog.

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PD Opportunities

  • Easy Parent Conference Scheduling Tool: Want to create a digital signup to help ease the stress of scheduling parent conferences? Stop by my office any time on Friday 9/23 or Monday 9/26 during periods 1, 2, 5, or 6 for a quick tutorial on how to use Signup Genius. You will leave our session with your signup ready to publish and share with parents and students. Please bring your device! No appointment necessary, walk-ins are welcome!

  • Argh Matey! Our Teach Like a Pirate Book Study is scheduled to set sail NEXT WEEK. Click the link to sign up! (and to read more info about the book study)
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Looking for Individualized Professional Development?

  • Let's go to on a Learning Walk! Learning walks give you an opportunity to learn new tools, skills, and strategies from your colleagues; collaborate with other teachers to increase student achievement by improving pedagogy, knowledge, and management; and provide an opportunity to self-reflect about your own practice.
  • Let's Collaborate! Bring a lesson or lesson idea that you would like to make more learner-centered. We will collaborate together to transform the lesson to enhance learning, engagement, and achievement.
  • In need of a tech-upgrade?! Bring a lesson or lesson idea and we will collaborate on how to incorporate technology in order to redefine the task and improve student learning, engagement, and achievement.

All personalized PD is available by appointment! Just send me an email and I will work with your schedule :-)

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Looking for POM information, Grading Policies and Procedures, SPP information, previous STAT reports? All PD resources can be found on our OneNote Notebook: STAT Resource Notebook


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Interims Pulled

Friday, Sep. 23rd, 5pm

BCPSOne into Stars

Interim grades will be pulled from the BCPSOne gradebook at 5 p.m. on Friday, September 23rd. We will then print and distribute the interims via end-of-the-day homeroom on Tuesday, September 27th. This is a day earlier than originally planned to allow parents time to setup conferences, if desired, for Thursday, September 29th.