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The cheif of the country is president Donald Ramotar,The prime minister is Samual Hinds.Samual Hinds became the minister after the death of Cheddi Jagen on March 6, 1997
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Animals and Plants

They can grow rice,sugarcane,coconuts,cassava,bannanas and pineapples.the plants there are mangrove trees,palm trees,green heart trees,wallaby trees. Animals like siruablli,hubabullia,tapirs,jaguars,sloths,anteaters.Macaws and andaconders live in the rain forest of Guyana.


there is not a lot of schools in Guyana so the government authority was extended over church and primary schools. they get done with school at age 15.

Basic Facts

The languages they speak are English,Creole and Hindi.The population of Guyana is 747,000.The capital Georgetown.Laws are the way of the English some are Roman-Dutch.Forces like Army,Aircops,Coastguard, to enter males and females need to be 18-49.


They like to play Cricket,Soccer,Basketball,Boxing and ping-pong.There first Olimpic apperance was in 1948 at London and in 1968 in Mexicocity

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