President Andrew Jackson

Total Zero

Worcester VS Georgia

In the court case of Worcester vs Georgia, President Jackson completely disregards the courts ruling of that the Cherokees could stay in their land and then forced the Cherokees to leave. Just the ignoring of the courts ruling is unconstitutional.

The Trail of Tears

This event proves that Jackson is a heartless man who only cares about gold and land. The Cherokees won the court case so why did he force them to leave..... BECAUSE HES GREEDY!!!!!!!!! The Cherokees were simply protecting their homes and are completely innocent; so why where they punished.

Killing the National Bank

The National Bank may have been corrupt, but it was doing its job just fine. Without the Bank we will probably go into a state of economic collapse. Thanks a lot Jackson. I know you hate it for some reason left unknown but that doesn't mean that you destroy our economy over a grudge.

Andrew Jackson Video

King Jackson the first

This political cartoon represents the fact that Jackson used so much of his power that he was like a king and that he doesn't care what the Constitution says.