Cold War

By: Hunter Thomas

Marshall Plan

Once WW2 ended, Europe needed help to rebuild their nation. Thus the USA helped by giving $13 billion to help rebuild their economy and their towns. This was successful and helped spark an economic future for Europe.

Truman Doctrine

The Truman Doctrine replaced the old and outdated Monroe Doctrine. Truman's Doctrine said that if a country did not want to be communist and the communist were trying to force the country to be, the USA would give them money and military service. This means that we are know getting into foreign affairs.

Explain the Communist Regime in China

Communist Regime in China

When the usa entered the Korean war we pushed North Korea back into North Korea. Then we kept pushing them to the boarder between North Korea and China but what we did not know was when we got there the Chinese were there waiting on us. Once we started fighting the Chinese pushed us back to South Korea and that's what ended the war.

Cuban Revolution

In 1956, Fidel Castro led the revolution. Cuba had American support until he became allies with the soviet union. This is what made America turn. Then he also named himself president for life. All the stuff he did just made America mad. But once he joined the Soviet Union, this made America's containment policy a lie.