The 5 E's

Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate



Elaboration is used when the students have already been introduced to the topic and have been given the opportunity to explore. Elaboration is activity oriented and scaffolded to reinforce understanding of the concepts.

Purpose and Intent

Purpose: to go from "knowing" to "understanding"

Intent: transference, how it applies to other situations

Field Trips!

Field trips elaborate on students' prior knowledge and recently learned knowledge. It provides a real world application and hands on experience.

Internet Activities

Internet activities allow students out of the physical classroom. Interactive games and videos reinforce learned information while keeping the activity fun and memorable.

Constructivist Teaching

Constructivist Connection

By connecting new information to real life experiences and relatable examples, students are accumulating their knowledge on an individual basis. This approach helps reach a wider variety of learning types and, therefore, more students. By constructing their own knowledge they are actively building and rebuilding schemas and ideas and growing as students and learners.