D-D-D Deja Vu

By: Jonathan Tieu

Why Did I pick Deja Vu?

The reason I picked Deja Vu was because I have seen YouTube prank videos where they do a play on a Deja Vu prank on random people. Furthermore, I have always heard of people experiencing this which in turn interested me about this topic.

What is Deja Vu?

Deja Vu might seem like a taboo phrase, but in reality it is actually the sensation/feeling of an individual experiencing the same event that they experienced once before in their lifetime. It also allows the individual to recollect on the past and present events they are experiencing/experienced.

What is going on in the Brain?

There has been a lot of research into the brain aspect during Deja Vu, but no one knows what exactly is going in the brain. Scientists have proclaimed that the brain goes through two processes during Deja Vu which are the process of recollection and familiarity. During the process of Deja Vu, it instigates three parts of the brain. Deju Vu incorporates the Hippocampus and Prefrontal Cortex of the brain which goes hand in hand with recollection; the medial temporal cortex is also initiated which goes along with familiarity. When the familiarity and recollection aspects do not help one another, the brain becomes out of sync, which in turn produces the sensation known as Deja Vu. There are many significant theory's associated with this memory aspect, but one significant theory is the Hologram Theory developed by Herman Sno. He prooposed that memory's are like holograms that can be recreated within the brain allowing an individual to recollect on their past events, which could lead to Deja Vu.

Research and Experiments associated with Deja Vu?

One Psychologist, Anne M. Cleary, conducted an experiment where she gave individuals familiar pictures of actresses. The individuals were to try to recall specific details pertaining to that actor/actress. The individuals were not able to identify all the people, but to Cleary's surprise these individuals where still able to give their own insight because of the familiarity they had once had before about that actor. Overall, Cleary was able to study the factors that develop within Deja Vu, but she was still not able to get a full understanding of this particular topic.

Other Intresting Facts?

- Deja Vu is particualry common among 6-10 years olds
- There has been lots of experiments/Pranks done pertaining to Deja Vu which makes the individuals think they are going crazy.
- Deja Vu usually lasts only a mere matter of seconds.