The Mariner Message


May and I have a love/hate relationship. On the one hand, the weather is warming up but it's not too hot yet, field days are being planned, summer trips are being discussed and everyone, for the most part, is happy. On the other hand, it's testing season. EOGs are upon us, benchmarks are taking place and the rush to fit "everything" in is looming over every teacher in the state! No matter what your opinion is about May, it is definitely a busy one here at PHS.

A Month at a Glance

May 24th-3rd-5th grade Reading EOG

May 25th-3rd-5th grade Math EOG

May 28th-5th grade Science EOG

May 31st-Memorial Day-No school

Mariner Spotlight

Lori Kleberg is our Instructional Assistant for the year.

Hi! My name is Lori Kleberg and I am an Exceptional Children’s Instructional Assistant. I have worked full time at PHS since 2003.I was born and raised in Pennsylvania. I moved to Pittsboro in 1998. I am divorced and have 2 wonderful sons. Justin is 31 and lives in Idaho with his wife. Matthew is 29 and lives in Arizona. My mom now lives with me and my cat Percy. I love the mountains and the outdoors. I also love to travel, read, and play in the water.

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Elizabeth Peele is our Bus Driver of the year.

My name is Elizabeth Peele and I have been employed at PHS since May 1, 2007 as an Instructional Assistant and Bus Driver. I've been married to my husband, Bo since 1994 and we have a daughter named Amanda who is 24 years old. I grew up in New Bern, NC and graduated from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 1990. I was previously employed as the Aquatics Director at The Chapel Hill-Carrboro YMCA for 15 years. I enjoy reading, watching movies, going to the beach and hiking.

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On Friday a group of parents came together to discuss the future of our PTA. We had some folks who stepped up to hold both board positions and committee positions. If there is anyone else interested in these positions or any of the open position listed below please contact Julie Ricker at by May 28th. The vote will take place at the final PTA meeting of the year, June 3rd at 7:30.

2020/2021 PTA Board Nominees

Alison Weston- President

Patricia Bowles- Vice-President

Mathew Steadman- Treasurer

Elizabeth Steadman- Secretary

Committee Chairs

Parent Rep Coordinator- Avis Bell

Staff Appreciation- Jamie Throndset

Beautification- Kelly Fedoriw

Community Involvement/Outreach- Julianne O'Daniel

Thrift Shop Coordinator- Julie Ricker

Open Positions

Communications, Fundraising, Events Coordinator, Cultural Arts

Helping your child prepare for the EOGs-Leann Munoz

EoG season is upon us and with that comes many emotions and much stress. Below, is a list of tips you might consider when supporting your student as they navigate through the assessments:

1. Sleep! According to the sleep foundation, students in grades 3-5 should get about 9-11 hours of sleep each night. It is imperative that the night before a huge test, such as the EoGs, students get at least the minimum required sleep so that they can wake-up refreshed and ready to tackle the test.

2. Breakfast! The vitamins and nutrients from a fresh fruit and protein rich breakfast gets the neurons in the brain flowing and fully functional during the test. EoGs take place first thing each morning which is why a solid breakfast is vital.

3. Growth Mindset! Students with growth mindsets believe that they can grow their own intelligence through work and effort. Talk to your child about how hard work and perseverance can help them do their best on the test.

This can be a very stressful and anxiety riddled time for your student, but if we each do our part and take off some of the pressure, I am sure our students can soar!