The Scientific Revolution

By: Xiao Yu Liang

What was the Scientific Revolution?

The Scientific Revolution was the people to change there old science and technology to make the new living setting, with the Scientific theories and Tool of production the make some tool and Machine to hope people change there living setting.The people thought there Science they use before have some wrong they discard the old Technology to created or change to created a new Science world it has a lot change of people they know a lot new thing and everything is the Scientist proof that is true.

How did the Scientific Revolution impact society at the time?

I think the scientific revolution change there science,technology,and there knowledge maybe. The scientific revolution make people know more new thing they didn't know before and prove some wrong theory there was wrong and correct them.For example, before the scientific revolution people think the earth was the center of the universe, but after scientific revolution the scientist prove it's wrong.The center of the universe is not the earth it is the "Sun" than they discover the solar system and it prove correct.

How did the Scientific Revolution impact the world today?

The scientific revolution change in today's world. The scientific revolution prove lots thing wrong and take out some new thing which was correct. Scientific revolution changes in today is it give our correct knowledge and science theorys.For example before the scientific revolution the scientist say the earth was the center of the universe, but the scientific revolution prove it wrong and release the solar system and it's right. If we don't have the scientific revolution we still used the wrong theory today.