iBLUE Math: Coordinate Geometry

EOC Category 3: Using Distance, Slope and Midpoint

Objectives: Today you will

  • Use slopes and equations of lines to investigate geometric relationships, including parallel lines, perpendicular lines, and special segments of triangles and other polygons
  • Derive and use formulas involving length, slope and midpoint

1st Blog Post: Briefly explain what you know about slope, midpoint or distance.

  • Click the Kidblog link
  • Click Login in the upper right corner
  • Select your name from the drop down (firstname + first 3 digits of student id)
  • .Password = student id
  • Add post

If you are unsure, you can watch this video where I will walk you through the process.

Need a Refresher on DIstance, Midpoint or Slope? Watch the videos below and take a few notes!

Distance and Midpoint Interactive

2nd Blog Post: Write about something you learned from the videos about distance, midpoint or slope!

Find a picture online that best describes how you feel about distance, midpoint and slope. Include it in your posting.

Design and Plan an Amusement Park on Graph Paper

You are creating an amusement park starting with 4 major rides!

  • Choose any 4 points that form a non-special convex quadrilateral and place them on a coordinate grid. These 4 points represent your major rides.
  • Name the points RIDE and connect to form a quadrilateral.
  • Find the midpoints of each segment. Place water fountains at the midpoints.
  • Name the midpoints ABCD and connect to form another quadrilateral.
  • Using what you know about distance, midpoints and slopes...determine the name of the special quadrilateral formed by the midpoints of QUAD RIDE.
  • Find the center of the newly formed quadrilateral. Place the snack bar there.
  • Find the perimeter of QUAD ABCD and QUAD RIDE.

Check your Work with Geogebra!

Test Your Skills!

Login to our class test site. Your student ID is your password.

You are only enrolled in ONE QUIZ. If your name is NOT listed on the first quiz, check the second. You will need graph paper and a calculator.

Blog Post 3: Self Reflection

Use the sentence starters below and complete each on your blog!

Today I learned...

After today I wish to learn...